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Event Set-Up tips

Here are some things we suggest you pay attention to for your event setup

Your Event Title is important to finding your event on the web. Choose a unique name that will help you stand out from other events out there and make it as descriptive of the event as possible. Try to include a keyword at the beginning of the title that users are likely to search for. This will improve their ability to find it on the web. Your title will form a part of your event URL on our site so keep it short and simple.

Your Event Description is important. It should be an easy-to-read, short profile of your event (50 to 150 words), so potential attendees can quickly understand what the event is about, and if it’s a good fit for them. Include a keyword at the beginning, and in the body of your event description as this will also increase its visibility to the Search Engines, (eg “Food festival happening in Kingston, Jamaica…”

Your Event Time & Date is important. The schedule will help your potential attendees plan for time commitments, know the time zone and more. Plus, search engines can also read this information which can help to make your event easier to find, depending on the queries users are searching for.

Use Event Series if you are having a multi-day or recurring event, and the pricing is the same for each day. This saves you time in set up as you will only have to enter the main information once. For multiday events with different pricing, you will need to set those up separately.

Include an Event Image that will give potential attendees a taste of what it could be like to be at your event. This will peak interest and encourage attendance. If you don’t have images from previous events, then there are many image sites online that you might be able to obtain an appropriate image with the proper usage permissions. Your image should be 960 px wide x 540 px high and less than 1Mb in size)

Event Categories are important in giving your potential attendees an idea of who you are targeting for the event, and what they might expect when they get there. Select your category from one of our many existing categories. If you don’t see a category that you think fits, then select “Other”, and feel free to submit a recommendation for us to add it for the future.

Include Event Tags as these offer an easy way for the search engines to understand what makes your event unique, it also makes it easier for your potential attendees to find what they are looking for. A tag can be single descriptive word or longer phrases. Select one or more from our many existing options. If you don’t see a tag that you thinks fits well, then send us a recommendation and we can add it.

Virtual Events are now an important option for events. We offer the option to add fully virtual or Hybrid events. Easily configure all the options for your event. We have pre-configured options to use our Zoom, Facebook or YouTube portals for your stream. We can also add your Zoom account or Facebook Page on request.

Venue Details are of course very important to make sure your potential attendees know the location of your event. We will have several venues already included and you can select from those, or you can add your own.  If you are adding your own be sure to include the address details so that Google Maps can find and showcase the location. This will help your attendees to find your event easily.

Organizer Details can be very helpful as many event attendees are loyal to specific organizers and may attend the event even if they were not aware of it before. This also allows potential attendees to search for events on the website by selecting specific organizers.  We recommend that you create a new organizer if this is the first time the organizer is selling on our site.

We offer the option to include an Event Website which allows you to include the URL for your own website, Facebook page, Instagram or another external link, that might have more information about your event. This field is optional but if you use it make sure to include the complete URL. This will be included with the event details.

Additional Fields are very helpful to further define conditions for your potential attendees. These will be displayed along with the rest of the event details and available to the attendee before the ticket is purchased. If you have no Age restrictions, then you can select NONE however, Refund guidelines are MANDATORY as these will help to protect you in the future from arbitrary refund requests.  Please ignore “None” and make sure to select the appropriate policy from the list. 

Tickets can be “free” or “paid” or you can set up an event that just needs an RSVP; you have the option for both. If you have multiple ticket types make sure to include a description for each type This should give as much details as possible to your potential attendees so that they can make the right choice. Leave your “Start Date” and “End Date” blank if you want sales to start immediately, otherwise put in the date you wish sales to start and end and the system will automatically start and end the sale. You can set limits on the capacity of each type of ticket, share the capacity between the different types, or even have unlimited capacity.  Make sure to add a ticket image so that this will be included on the ticket send in your client email after purchase. Once you set up your tickets, they will be immediately integrated for sale using our ecommerce platform.

Get all the relevant information on your attendees by selecting the options listed in Attendee Collection. We recommend that you “Require Individual Collection” so that you can easily reach out to every attendee of your event.

Our Promoter User Guidelines are put here once more as a reminder, as you must agree with these and all other guidelines of our site in order to submit your event. We want to make sure that you get the best experience so please make sure to review them. Your event will not submit unless you accept the terms.

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We connect you to a world of exciting events.
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