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Useful FAQs

Info to help you get started.

We know that you might have questions and we are here to help  you, however there are some frequently asked questions that we thought might be useful to share.  If you don’t see the answer to your question here then of course please don’t hesitate to linkwithus


You can purchase a ticket as a guest, however if you register for an account you will be able to see all of your activity in your account and be able to manage your tickets

Please ensure that you have activated your account before attempting to login after registration. You should have received a confirmation email with a code after registering. Please follow the steps provided in this email to activate your account

Once you are member you will be able to sign up as an Organiser and this will allow you to set up your own events.


You will be able to use your credit card/debit card ( Mastercard, Visa) to make payment . You will also be able to pay offline by bank transfer and you will also have an option for Paypal.

There are some banks that temporarily restrict a payment if it seems unusual especially if it’s the first time you are using that site to pay online. Please contact your bank to find out if this is the case

When your payment is completed you will receive and email confirming your order, and in addition your tickets will be emailed to you.

Our prices are quoted in US however payment may be made in either US or Jamaican dollars.  Use the currency switcher to the top right hand of the page and select the preferred currency.

When you go to Checkout, you will see an option for “Offline Payment” . When you select that option you will be given the account information for the bank transfer. You will need to let us know as soon as the payment is made. Your ticket will be held as pending until your payment is confirmed. Once the payment is confirmed your ticket will be emailed to you.

Service fees are necessary so that we can pay the expenses to keep our site running which includes allowing you to access the payment gateway that processes your card. In some cases, the organizer will include the fees in the price of the ticket but often they elect for us to collect them in addition to the ticket cost


You don’t have to print your tickets as you can present them on your mobile at the event. Remember that you will need to have internet access to download them so be sure to download them before going to the event if you are not sure you will have internet access at the event.

Once you have registered for an account all the information relating to your orders and tickets will be there on the Account page and you can download your ticket from your account.

As long as the event organizer permits transfers of tickets you will be able to transfer your ticket through your account. Login to the account and make the relevant changes there


Refunds are the responsibility of the organiser and will depend on the refund policy that was displayed when you were purchasing the ticket. All refund requests must be sent directly to the Organizer.

This depends on how long it takes for the organizer to approve and process the refund.

Once the refund is approved the promoter will be responsible getting it to you. The organizer may request that we process the refund for them and if so the refund will be made less the service fee, and will be returned using the form of payment you used to purchase the ticket. Service fees are always non-refundable. A refund service fee may be applicable.

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We connect you to a world of exciting events.
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Your account is being processed.  You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox and you will be required to activate your account. 

Once you activate your account you will be able to create your first event.  Please make sure to familiarize yourself with out policies before you set up the event.

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We connect you to a world of exciting events.
Stop Dreaming, Start Doing